Large construction companies are seeking to meet their Utilization Goals by partnering on Government Contracts, with certified MBE firms. Western Contractors offers General Construction in, Residential, Commercial and Institutional Building and quality construction workmanship, through MBE subcontracting. Partnering with Western Contractors satisfies the State Utilization Plans. Western Contractors has worked on many government and private corporate projects and is a well-established industry leader in MBE Government Contracting. We work with Prime contractors, Government Agencies Project Buyers and large construction companies.  We are a full service Commercial/Residential Contractor, General Contractor and Distributor for Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial projects. Western Contractors is a reputable, quality-focused, full-service company specializing in MBE Government Contracting since 1992 and has over 27 years of experience and expertise in the building industry


State Utilization Plans mandate minority participation when bidding on government contracts and Compliance Reports are required in government contracting projects. Utilizing Western Contractors meets the requirements of the MWBE Contractor Compliance Reports and Quarterly EEO Workforce Utilization.


All 50 US States we offer quality construction workmanship through MBE subcontracting. We supply MWBE local construction crews in every state across the US to help prime contractors meet their State Utilization Goals. 


Western Contractors pride ourselves in our quality workmanship with over 29 years of experience; we have achieved an impeccable reputation for quality performance including meeting sensitive time lines, completing projects under rigorous time constraints and staying within budget.


We are your MBE team player. We put your needs goals and priorities first. We recognize that different projects have differing needs, and we pride ourselves on our ability to work with your construction project managers as they navigate the broad range of regulatory, technical, financial and schedule challenges of your project; and who have experience with development and implementation of your project control systems including document tracking project issues, schedules, resources and finances. We follow-through on the plans established during pre-construction. As the design evolves, we follow the detailed schedule for the MWBE scope of work and construction activities of the project. We also understand, that you are constantly evaluating your approach to your project and you are always seeking better alternatives. We go with your flow and we deliver an exceptional construction product on-time and on-budget. We maintain high standards of construction workmanship, technical quality, creative problem solving, professionalism and ethics in every partnership.


As an MBE Subcontractor, our goal is to deliver the value being demanded of us, by you! We are committed to provide you with the highest in quality construction, labor, supplies and materials.  We guarantee complete satisfaction with every aspect of your construction project, within our MWBE scope of work. Our work crews are highly skilled, professional and well trained for completion of projects under rigorous time constraints and we maintain the highest safety and quality standards in the business. With over 27 years of broad-based experience, Western Contractors is able to attract the very best local construction talent in the industry and have aligned ourselves with supply dealerships who provide us with top building materials. As a Minority contractor Our goal is to provide superior MBE construction services and retain our sub-contracting relationships, for years to come.